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Q: Which aboriginal afl footballer kicked the first goal at melbournes colonial stadium?
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In which stadium did Brazilian footballer Cristiano junior die?

Chinnaswami stadium, Banglore

How many goals has Matthew Lloyd kicked at ethihad?

299 goals a ETIHAD stadium (previously called Telstra Dome and Colonial Stadium)

How and why did they change the name from Colonial Stadium to Telstra Dome?

It's simply a sponsorship deal. The Colonial sponsorship ran out and Telstra took over.

Who is the smallest footballer ever?

Roberto Dello Maria, 4ft 5 plays for Cap Gris Nez, France from their stadium you can see the white cliffs of dover

When was nakivubu stadium was built in kampala?

1921At time with a sitting capacity of 18,000 people, was constructed by the colonial administration as a native recreation ground.

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royals stadium mets stadium red sox stadium cubs stadium Yankees stadium dodgers stadium angels stadium diamond backs stadium giants stadium and rockies stadium

Is gillette stadium a covered stadium?

No, Gillette stadium is not a covered stadium.

What stadium is the Olympics 2012?

City of Coventry Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Millennium Stadium.

Which stadium will the 2012 Olympics be held in?

City of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Wembley Stadium.

Is metlife stadium a indoor stadium?

No, it is an outdor stadium.

What stadium are the 2012 Olympics being held at?

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