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The club he played against was Liverpool.

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It was against Liverpool.

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He has played for FC Barcelona

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Q: Which Spanish football club Maradona had played for?
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In which Italian city did Diego Maradona play football?

He played for the Italian club side Napoli (Naples).

Did maradona play for a club?

Yes Maradona played for the following clubs, Boco Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli.

Who is maradona's son-in law?

Maradona son in laws name is sergio Aguero. And he plays his club football at athletic Madrid.

What british team has Diego maradona played against?

The only European club he played for are Barcelona and Napoli.

Spanish football teams beginning with the letter A?

The Spanish club thletico Madrid begins with A.

Which spanish football club have the highest trophies?

Real Madrid

The richest club in Spanish football league?

Real Madrid.

What club did Diego maradona play for first?

It was a club called Little Onions.

Who is Shane Radbone?

Shane Radbone is a former Australian rules football player. He played for the Essendon Football Club and the Sturt Football Club.

Which spanish football club more bigger realmadrid or fc Barcelona?

Real Madrid is a bigger club.

Who has played for Everton Football club and Glasgow Rangers Football Club?

mikel arteta. Richard gough. Michael Ball

What football league club has had most managers?

The Spanish La Liga a, and the club Real Madrid have had the most managers.