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Florida state I believe 13 or 14 back in 80's and 90's

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Q: Which School holds the record for most consecutive top 5 finishes in College Football?
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Which college football team has the second longest streak for consecutive sellout games?

Notre dame right behind the school with the greatest fans the huskers

What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships?

Only about about 2 percent of high school football players receive college scholarships "well about 20% of high school football players get college football scholarships." "martin alberts College Florida" is incorrect.

Who holds the record for consecutive losses in high school football in California?


What high school has won the most consecutive state championships in football nationwide?

Shattuck oklahoma has won from 2004-2010 at 96 consecutive games of football won

Most consecutive winning seasons in high school football?

Ridley High School, Folsom PA 1955-2013 (58 consecutive seasons, and counting)

Is a high school football bigger than a collage football?

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

Can you call consecutive time outs in high school football?

No, you can not call consecutive time outs in high school football. Football rules do not allow teams to call consecutive time outs with a play happening in the middle of the play and unused time outs in the first half of the game do not carry over to the other half.

Was Jamie Foxx in high school playing football or college?

he play football when he was in high school

Is a college football and high school football the same size?


High school football size vs. NFL football size?

college football size vs. high school football size

Is a college football bigger than a high school football?

yes they are bigger than high school.

How Can you play high school football then pro college?

Yes you don't have to play high school football at all. You just have to fulfill the requirements of the college.

'What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships'?

About 5%.

What Michigan High School football team holds the record for most consecutive losses?


What school has the lowest attendance in college football?


How do you get noticed in high school football?

By college scouts

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

What percentage of high school football players go on to play college football?

5.7 percent of highschool senior football players will go on to college football.

How do you get in college football?

You have to either ear a scholarship out of high school or you can get accepted into the school and tryout for the football team as a walk on

What high school football team has one the most consecutive state titles?

Washinghton high school. In Sioux falls, SD

What is the record for consecutive regular season victories by an Ohio high school football team?

57 wynford

Are black visors legal in high school football?

No. No tinting is allowed in high school football or college football i beleive. Only 100% clear is allowed in high school.

Is there a difference between a football used in high school and a football used in college?

yes, college and nfl footballs are the same size, but high school footballs have their own size

What percent of high school football players play college football?

6% of all high school football athletes will go and play at the collegiate level.

What are the dangers of playing high school and college football?

Joint injuries are the most common injuries in high school and college football. However, concussions have become a more recognized risk of playing football in recent years.