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everton have been awarded no penalties this season

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Q: Which Premiership team has been awarded the least penalties in Season 2007 to 2008?
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Which Premiership team has been awarded the most penalties since the Premiership began?

Manchester United Anit It ?Since Wenger joined its surely been arsenal, maybe tailing off a bit since Henry, Campbell , Reyes and Pires left For penalties awarded at home, it's Arsenal, awarded 30 penalties from 2003-04 to present day 05/10/08, followed by Liverpool with 17. For least penalties conceeded at home it's Liverpool with just 2 followed by Chelsea with 3. Man Utd were awarded 15 penalties in the same period and had 5 awarded against.

Which Premiership team have conceded the least amount of penalties at home since the beginning of the Premiership?

That team would be Arsenal.

Which NFL team has the least penalties this season season?


What team conceded the least amount of premiership goals last season?


Which premier league has had least penalties given against them this season?

Manchester united

Which epl side has won the least penalties?

Everton have 0 thus far (31 Jan 11) in the 2010-11 EPL season.

What premiership club in the UK has the least English players?


What NHL game had the least penalties ever?

there have been plenty of games throughout history without any penalties in them

What is the Least amount of premiership points in a season?

Derby County are currently (07/)08 on course to finish with the lowest points total ever with 11, but before that it was sunderland in 05/06 with 15.

Who is the least penalized player in the NHL?

This season: Tomas Kaberle (Toronto Maple Leafs), 0 penalties in 31 games Mike Lundin (Tampa Bay Lightning), 0 penalties in 31 games. Other players with 0 minutes have played 20 games or less.

What premiership team has played the least total stoppage time at home?

Man United

Who has the least bookings in the premiership football?

Gary linekar never had a single card in his career

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