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the Nawab of Pataudi............I believe it was ,possibly in the 1950s

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Q: Which Player played for India and England in cricket?
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Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


Why is cricket played in England?

Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

Who is the player who played both cricket and football for India?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

When was the first cricket match played in India?

The First International Cricket Match in India was played in Bombay Gymkhana between India and England under the Captaincy of C.K.Nayadu . And LALA AMARNATH became the first player to score Century on Indian soil.

Which two teams played the first cricket match?

India and england

When and where was the 2000th Cricket Test Match played?

The 2000th match of the Test Cricket history was played at Lords Cricket Ground, London from 21st July to 25th July, 2011 between India and England. This was also the 100th Test Match between India & England.

When did India started playing cricket?

India started playing cricket in the 16th century. This is my answer to the questionLove,Parin Patel

Cricketer born in India and played for England?

Nasser Hussain is the cricketer born in madras 23rd march 1968 in India And Playes cricket for England.

Who is the first international cricket player from orissa played for India?

Debashis Mohanty.

Who captained India-A cricket team tour of England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team tour of England

Who captained India -A cricket team in tour England?

Cheteshwar Pujara captained India-A cricket team in tour England.

What is mid wicket?

Midwicket is a term from the sport of cricket, widely played in England, Australia, India, and Pakistan