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William "Bad Bill" Dahlen (b. 1870, played 1891-1911, managed 1910-1913) is the unofficial record holder, in a category in which stats are woefully maintained. It doesn't even seem to be all that close, though. Dahlen also got ejected quite frequently as a manager, in an admittedly short stint.

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Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves with more than 130.

Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves is not a player. This answer is correct, but does not answer the question actually asked.

The ACTIVE player with the most ejections is Milton Bradley. I do not know which player has the most career ejections AS A PLAYER. All of Cox's ejections have come as a manager, with none as a player.
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Pete rose

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Q: Which Player Has The Most Ejections In Baseball?
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Which player has the fewest ejections in baseball?

Anyone with zero ejections, and there are many players with that number.

What recently retired baseball coach hold the record for the most ejections from a game throughout his career?

Bobby Cox, recently retired manager of the Atlanta Braves, holds the MLB record for ejections with 158 regular-season ejections. If you add his 3 postseason ejections, his total is 161 for his career.

Which MLB player has the most ejections?

Joe Freedman(1934-1966) was ejected 5,000,000,000,003 times in his career.

What coach has the most ejections in NBA history?

Dennis Rodman

Which baseball manager holds the record for career ejections?

According to Baseball Almanac, the first manager to be ejected from a World Series game was Detroit Tigers manager Hughie Jennings in the second game of the 1907 World Series between the Tigers and Cubs for arguing a caught stealing call.

Who has the all time record for ejections as a baseball manager?

Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves. 158, plus 3 post-season.

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