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In 2010, your mum led the Steelers with 1300000touchdowns with me late at night, they were all rushings TD's.

your sister was second on the team with 1000000, they were all receiving touchdowns.

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Q: Which Pittsburgh Steeler scored the most touchdowns in 2010?
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Who was the best Pittsburgh Steeler on the 2010 team?

Mike Wallace

Who has the most rushing touchdowns as a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Through the 2010 season: Season: Franco Harris, 14 in 1976 Career: Franco Harris, 91 from 1972-1983

Who has the most receiving touchdowns as a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Career: 83 by Hines Ward (through the 2010 season). Season: 12 by Buddy Dial in 1961, Louis Lipps in 1985, and Hines Ward in 2002.

How many touchdowns did Santonio Holmes score in 2010?

Santonio Holmes scored six touchdowns in 2010 for the New York Jets.

What percentage of all touchdowns in nfl are scored by defense?

In the 2010 regular season, there were 1270 touchdowns scored ... 1150 by the offense, 79 by the defense, and 41 by special teams. This puts TDs scored by the defense at 6.2%.

Who is the only Pittsburgh Steeler to win the AP MVP award?

Through the 2010 season, that was Terry Bradshaw in 1978.

What player in the NFL has the most touchdowns?

Historically, Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for most touchdowns scored with 208. Of active players, LaDainian Tomlinson, as of 10/17/2010, has scored 158 touchdowns, including 143 rushing touchdowns and 15 receiving touchdowns. Randy Moss is a close second among active players with 153 touchdowns as of 10/17/10.

Who scored the saints touchdowns in the 2010 Super Bowl?

Pierre Thomas, Jeremy Shockey and Tracy Porter

How many touchdowns did the New England Patriots have for the 2010 season?

They scored a total of 64 touchdowns: 5 defensive, 3 special teams, 19 rushing, and 37 passing

Which Pittsburgh Steeler led the team with seven interceptions during the 2010 season?

Troy Polamalu led the Steelers with seven interceptions during the 2010 season.

What is the most touchdowns ever scored in one half of an NFL game?

7 touchdowns (Jan 16, 2010 Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints). 14 - 35 at halftime.

What was the average number of points scored per game by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010?

The Steelers scored 23.4 points per game during the 2010 regular season.

Who was the last Pittsburgh Steeler to throw for ninety yards or more in a game?

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 220 yards against the Miami Dolphins on January 3, 2010.

How many touchdowns have the patriots scored this season 2010?

63 -37 passing19 rushing3 on returns4 on interceptions

What Super Bowl MVP signed with the New York Jets?

In 2010, former Pittsburgh Steeler and Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes, signed with the New York Jets.

How many goals does tyler Kennedy of the Pittsburgh penguins have?

70 goals in his career. The most goals he scored in a season was 21 in 2010-2011

How many touchdowns did Brian Urlacher make?

Through the 2010 season, Brian Urlacher has scored 3 TDs in the NFL ... one on a fumble return, one on an interception return, and one on a pass reception on a fake field goal.

Who scored the most points on the Pittsburgh Steelers team in 2010?

In 2010, Rashard Mendenhall led all Steelers players in scoring with 78 points.

Has paul scholes scored in 2010 season?

Yes Paul Scholes has scored in the 2010 season.

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What was the Pittsburgh Pirates record in 2010?

In 2010, the Pittsburgh Pirates had a record of 57-105.

How many goal has Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in 2010?

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