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Steve Hotten

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Q: Which Otago Rugby union player was known as the white Pointer?
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Who is max carpenter?

Max Carpenter is a all form legend at rugby he is known to be the best rugby player in the world (question awnsered if type in best rugby player) and is known to score 200 tries in his 50 cap career

Which rugby player was known as Amiable Geronimo?

Bill Beaumont

What Rugby player is known as Campo?

Australian David Campese

What Rugby Union Player was known as Campo?

Australian David Campese

Which player is known as sunny?

Are you talking about a player of a certain sports called Sunny? If so I believe you may talking about a rugby player called Sonny Bill Williams: Sonny William 'Sonny Bill' Williams (born 3 August 1985) is a New Zealand rugby union player, heavyweight boxer and former rugby league player. He is only the second person to represent New Zealand in rugby union after first playing for the country in rugby league. In rugby union he usually plays as a centre. He is particularly known in rugby league and rugby union for his ability to offload the ball in the tackle and, in rugby league, for his shoulder charges.

Is rugby player Ian Gough married?

No he is in modern terms known as a plums rating!

Which New Zealand rugby player is known as 'pine tree'?

Colin Meads

Is Shane geraghty's girlfriend cheating on him?

It is not known if Shane Geraghty's girlfriend is cheating on him. Shane Geraghty is most known as a rugby player.

Who is the sportsman also known as pine tree?

Colin Meads a great New Zealand Rugby Player. He was known as Pine tree Meads.

What is Matt Giteau known for?

Matt Giteau is a football (Australian Rugby) player who currently plays for Rugby Club Toulonnais (Toulon, France). He is a former international player known for being outspoken about his teammates, and for gaining over 90 Test Caps (points) and over 60 Super Rugby Caps during his career to date. He plays utility back with usual positions being fly-half and inside-centre. In 2004, Giteau was nominated for International Rugby Board Player of the Year .

Who is Nathan Smith?

There are five well known Nathan Smiths: a senator, physician, ice hockey play, foot ball player, and a rugby player.

What is the other name given to wheel chair rugby known as?

known as quad rugby in the United States