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It is called "ARCHERY" :)

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Q: Which Olympics sport uses bows and arrows?
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Which Olympic sport Uses bows and arrows?


What is the name of the sport which uses bows and arrows in Olympic games?


What does archer mean?

SOmeone who uses bows and arrows.

What is the uses for a dogwood tree?

They used it for bows, arrows and other stuff.

How many Different bows are used in the archery Olympics?

Olympic archery only uses recurves.

What sport in the 2010 Olympics uses brakes?


Name a sport that uses artistic abilities in the Olympics?


What weapons did the plains Indians use?

they mainly used bows and arrows then came the horse, then came the gun, then there is present day and i think that you know what everybody uses today right but anyway the mainly used bows and arrows and knives and swords but you get my point. Some of the Plains tribes also used Spears.

What are the hunting materials that the pygmy tribe uses?

They used snares, and weak bows with arrows made out of sharpened sticks and poisoned at the tips with animal and plant poisons.

Did tony hawk completed in the Olympics?

no he did not his profession is vert skating which means he uses a lot of halfpipes and skateboarding is not a sport in the olympics.

Which sport played on ice uses brooms rocks and sliders?

Curling. a traditional American sport that is popular and was played in the Olympics

Which sport uses the most energy and burns the most calorie in the Olympics?

cross country skiing

What is interesting about the sport of fencing?

Fencing is one of the longest-running sports in history. In addition to that, it is one of only four Olympic sports that has had a place in the Olympics every four years since the beginning of the modern Olympics. Fencing is not only a sport that uses swords, it uses three different kinds of swords.

What is the orbital notation for zinc?

1s with two arrows, 2s with 2 arrows, 2p with 6 arrows, 3s with 2 arrows, 3p with 6 arrows, 4s with 2 arrows, 3d with 10 arrow; Remember that orbital notation uses arrows, and electron-configuration notation uses superscripts.

Why does cupid have bows and arows?

Cupid's mythology tells us that he has different kinds of arrows. Some cause instant desire. Others drive people away. He uses those, presumably, to keep certain kinds of love going in the world.

What animal would win any fight?

elephant blue whale . great white shark and the gulper eel My suggestion is technically a human, since we are sort of animals. We can uses bows, underwater/land bombs, we have all these weapons. Animals have their claws, teeth, spikes, something that can't possibly shoot as far as bows/arrows can..

How does a storyboard show movement?

It uses arrows.

A proof that uses arrows to show the flow of a logical argument?

A flow proof is a proof that uses arrows to show the flow of a logical argument.

What is a proof that uses arrows to show the flow of a logical argument?

A flow proof is a proof that uses arrows to show the flow of a logical argument.

What sport uses the trapezius?

weight lifting sport uses the trapezius most.

What is a 4 letter sport starting with T?

Golf is a 4 letter sport. It is a sport that uses "tees".

Why do Japanese girls pose with arrows in their hands?

Pose with arrows in their hands? I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. They could be cosplaying as a character who uses arrows.

What is the name of the sport which uses a bow and arrow as equipment?

Archery. Just in case you were referring to a rather new sport using bow an arrows, I have included this site, (excerpt): The Padded Arrow Sport The Padded Arrow Sport is an activity practiced by a small but growing subculture for a period of over 50 years. It has developed into an organized sport for some while it is a form of live action combat with an unclear system for others. Live Action War Games are made up of individuals or groups of fifty to a hundred people that are dressed in authentic combat armor and use padded sports weapons all in the attempt to simulate battlefields. Although most war games use guns, some systems allow the use of real bows and arrows. These are however regulated by limiting the bow draw weight from twenty to forty-five pounds and by using blunt, coin-tipped arrows whose heads are wrapped and secured in an open-cell foam padding. These are called 'safety arrows'. Unlike the traditional bow techniques, the use of 'safety arrows' or the 'foam archers' have to deal with releasing weighted arrows resulting in a more awkward projectile with a maximum effective range of only about fifty or sixty feet. The players in the Padded-arrow sport should always remember that even though they are padded, actual bows and arrows are still used. With this, precautions should be taken like frequent equipment checks. In addition to the clumsiness of the bow and the padded arrows, archers need to keep moving around to stay clear of the hundreds of other opponents. This makes the sport even more challenging and appealing. In the battlefield, players are up against people who are charging against them, hiding and using tactics to bring a person or a team down. Because of this, archers have to master the skill in aiming, proper positioning and calculating range, distance and projectile in order to make an effective hit while running from the enemy. Each player must learn strategy and tactics as well to avoid being attacked or removed from the game due to and injury point system or an actual physical injury. *

What is the weapon that an archer uses?

A bow and arrows.

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.