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Q: Which Oklahoma site would you visit to learn how ancient people kept track of seasons and solar events?
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What are the different ways ancient people use to measure time?

Using the: -Sun -Moon -Seasons - Tides

Why did ancient people studied the stars?

ancient people used to predict the seasons and other event that were important to them in daliy lives ex: if something unusal happened such as eclipse

Do Ancient events have any interest to the present-day people of Colombia?


Popular events in 1995?

Some popular events happened in 1995. Included is the truck bomb that killed over a hundred people in Oklahoma and OJ Simpson was found innocent in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

In Oklahoma what county has the most people?

Oklahoma County

Why was the philosophers of ancient Greece important?

They were the first people to consider explanations for events other than that were the work of the gods.

What does Oklahoma assist?

Oklahoma assists bad people.

In ancient times how did people observe the skies and make observations about the seasons?

People would observe the skies just by looking directly with the naked eye. They`d make observations about the seasons by watching the apparent motions of certain constellations as well as tracking the sun`s position in the sky.

What important events in ancient Greece happened between 500 and 400 BC?

the greek people where killed by the spartan people and the spartan's only had 300 men

What is the name of the capital of the Cherokee people in Oklahoma?

Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Because of the climate in Oklahoma how does it affect the people?

Because of the diversity of Oklahoma's weather, citizens are well prepared for any natural disasters. These include: tornadoes, snow storms, and droughts. Oklahomans often experience burn bans or water limitations because of weather events.

Why did ancient Greek people write Greek mythology?

So that they could explain the world and how things were common like the changing seasons and exotic ones such as how people were first made. Also for entertainment and history.