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Eddie George holds the record with 314 yards against Illinois on Nov. 11, 1995.

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Q: Which Ohio State running back holds the record for most rushing yards in a single game?
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Which ohio state running back set a freshman rushing record of 1126 yards in 1990?

Robert Smith

Which Ohio state running back set freshman rushing record of 1126 yards in 1990?

Robert Smith.

What is the single game rushing record for ND?

Mathis Thomas. Dakota college at bottineau runningback. 203yrd on 11carries 2td against trinty Bible college. 2011/8/12. Mathis went on to led the state In rushing 1052yrds 5tds

Who holds the Florida state school record for career rushing touchdowns at FSU?

Greg Allen

Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a Mississippi high school football game?

Noah Ingram (Ruleville Central High School, Ruleville, MS) holds the state record for most rushing yards in a single game by amassing 506 yards on 41 carries (6 TDs) against Gentry High School in Sept. 2000

Who holds the record at Ohio State for most career rushing touchdowns?

(25), Pete Johnson 1975

Who has the division 2 rushing record?

Danny Woodhead holds most rushing records in Division 2. He attended Chadron State in Nebraska, and is now on the New York Jets roster.

What quarterback has the most passing yards in a quarter?

The NFL record for the most passing yards in a single quarter is 252. This record is held by both Tom Brady and Boomer Esiason who earn its in 2009 in 1996 respectively.

Who is Michigan State's career rushing yardage leader?

The current career rushing leader for Michigan State is Lorenzo White.

What nebraska player holds the record for most rushing attempts in a game at 37?

Cory Ross vs. Michigan State (Alamo Bowl) Dec 29, 2003.

Who had the most rushing yards in college?

LaDainian Tomlinson holds the NCAA single-game rushing record with 406 yards for Texas Christian against Texas El Paso in 1999. I'm an alum of TCU, and I believe that this record still holds strong. That record has long since be broken, last year in fact a kid from Southern Connecticut State university, Jarom Freeman rush for 418 yards. Forth most in NCAA history.

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