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New York Yankees

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Q: Which New York baseball team is known as the Bronx Bombers?
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Where did Bronx bombers come from?

Bronx Bombers is a nickname for the New York Yankees baseball team.

What baseball team of the 1920's were known as the Bronx bombers?

The New York Yankees, who else?!

What other name are the New York Yankees known as?

The Bronx Bombers or Yanks for short.

What are two nicknames of the Major League Baseball teams in New York City?

Bronx Bombers

What is the New York Yankees nickname?

The Bronx Bombers

What is the nickname for the New York Yankees?

The Bronx Bombers

Who were the Bronx Bombers?

It is one nickname among many others referring to the New York Yankees. Other nicknames The Bronx Bombers, The Bombers, The Yanks, The Pinstripers, The Bronx Zoo, The Evil Empire

Why were the New York Yankees called the Bronx Bombers?

Yankee Stadium is located in the borough of the Bronx and the Yankees were the first team in MLB to use the home run as an offensive weapon. Hence the nickname Bronx Bombers.

What is the nickname for the New York Yankees that started in 2004?

The Yankees are nicknamed The Bronx Bombers.

What was the New York Yankees nickname starting in 2004?

The Yankees are nicknamed the Bronx Bombers.

Where did the New York Yankees get the nickname the Bronx Bombers?

Yankee stadium is in the Bronx and they hit a lot of "bombs" or home runs. Does that answer your question?

What state is The Bronx located in?

The Bronx, also known as Bronx County is located in the state of New York in United States.

In which New York borough is Yankee Stadium located?

The BronxYankee Stadium is in the Bronx. The team is often called the Bronx Bombers. A new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, right next to where the old stadium was. Both stadiums were called Yankee Stadium, and both are in the Bronx.

Where is the Bronx in New York?

The Bronx is directly north of Manhattan. The two boroughs are separated by a skinny stretch of river known as the Harlem River.

Is it Bronx New York or New York City New York?

New York, NY describes the borough of Manhattan. Bronx, NY describes the Bronx itself.

In what county is the Bronx New York?

The Bronx is a borough.

Where is Bronx located?

Bronx is located in the City of New York, in New York State.

How do you say Bronx New York in spanish?

El Bronx de Nueva York.

Is the Bronx in the lower part of New York?

The Bronx is in the southern part of the state of New York. In the City of New York, the Bronx is the borough located the furthest north.

Where do the New York Yankees play baseball?

The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, New York. The "new" Yankee Stadium is located across the street from the "old" Yankee Stadium in the Bronx section of New York City.

What continent Bronx is in?

The Bronx is a borough of New York, New York, USA. It is in the continent of North America.

What was the original name of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx?

The Grand Concourse, located in the Bronx, New York City, was originally known as the Grand Boulevard and Concourse. The Grand Concourse connects the Bronx and Manhattan, and was constructed in 1894.

Is the Bronx a city in New York?

No, the Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

What state is The Bronx in?

New York State. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island). New York City is in New York State.

Is the Bronx a city or a town?

the Bronx is a borough of New York City.