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Mariano Rivera 2.25 ERA 1090.0 Innings pitched (as of 2009)

Whitey Ford 2.54 ERA 1112.2 innings pitched

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2010-01-13 04:37:50
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Q: Which New York Yankee pitcher has the best era in Yankee history?
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What was the winning percentage of baseball pitcher Whitey Ford?

New York Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford was one of the best New York Yankee pitchers and one of MLB's all time greats. He won the Cy Young Award in 1961 and he had an amazing winning percentage of .690. Tops for a modern league pitcher.As an aside, Whitey was known for his night clubbing with Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle.

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Currently, the Yankees number one pitcher is CC Sabathia.

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That's hard to pick from because the Yankees have the best, but I guess that I would have to say Babe Ruth because he is amazing. He is not my favorite player of all time, that's Mantle, but Ruth is probably the best Yankee, actually forget the best Yankee hitter of all time, the that he is one of the best hitters of all time.

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