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Kevin Garnett attended Farragut Academy , It isn't in Florida its in the windy city Chicago ill,

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Q: Which Nba player attended admiral farragut academy in Florida?
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When was Admiral Farragut Academy created?

Admiral Farragut Academy was created in 1945.

What is Admiral Farragut Academy's motto?

The motto of Admiral Farragut Academy is 'Success is Never Accidental'.

What college did Kevin garnett go to?

he didnt he came straight out of highschool to the NBA

Was David Farragut a general or a governor?

Admiral David Farragut was an admiral with the United States Navy.

Who captured New Orleans in the Civil War?

Admiral Farragut

Who was the union admiral that set out after New Orleans?

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut.

What us naval admiral captured the last confederate port?

Admiral Farragut

What side was David Farragut on?

He was an Admiral of the US Navy.

Who was the Admiral in the US Navy after Farragut?

David Dixon Porter

Why was admiral farragut famous?

Liberating New Orleans and Mobile

Who was the commander of the navy at new Orleans?

Admiral David Farragut

Union leader who captured New Orleans?

Admiral Farragut