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Carl Edwards

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Q: Which Nascar racer does back flips when he wins a race?
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Will the cars in the movie speed racer be in future nascar?

Only if Speed Racer sponsors a race.

How much money does a street racer make each race?

are you talking about a nascar racer or a street racer? if you're talking about a nascar racer then you could be paid millions depending on how well you do.if you're talking about a street racer it depends on how much you are betting or pinkslipping

How much does NASCAR racer make?

Each NASCAR driver makes a different amount per race depending on sponsors and their finish. On average, a top NASCAR driver can make up to 750,000 per race.

Who was the last NASCAR racer to win in 2010?

Clint Bowyer won the last Nascar race on October 31, 2010 at Talladega Superspeedway.

What is the furthest back that a Nascar driver has come back from and won a race?

Since Nascar has fielded 43 cars in a race, 43rd position is the furthest back a winner has come from.

Where do NASCAR racer go to the bathroom?

NASCAR drivers actually wear diapers in case they have to urinate!! If the driver can not wait till after the race they may go in adult size diapers or "depends".

Who won the first NASCAR race?

Jim Roper won the first Nascar race on June 19, 1949. It was called the Nascar Strictly Stock Series back then and the race was held at Charlotte Speedway.

What were the most drivers in a NASCAR race?

The most drivers who could race in a NASCAR race is 43 right now. But back in the 40's and 50's it was about 60.

Is NASCAR formula 1 racing?

NO! They are two completely different things. Firstly a NASCAR is like a stock car, but faster. A formula one car is and open wheel racer. NASCAR also race around a oval of track, in formula one they race around differntly designed tracks for around 60-70 laps, while NASCAR race up to 300 or more laps, but not often

How much gas is used in a 500 mile Nascar race?

The average NASCAR racer gets about 4.5 miles per gallon of fuel. Divide the distance in miles by 4.5, multiply by the number of cars.

When was NASCAR Race Day created?

NASCAR Race Day was created in 2005.

When did NASCAR Race Day end?

NASCAR Race Day ended in 2006.

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