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That would be the St. Louis Blues. Since entering the NHL in the 1967-68 season, the Blues have made the playoffs in 35 of their 41 seasons but have never won the Stanley Cup.

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Q: Which NHL team has the most playoff appearances without ever winning a Stanley Cup?
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What Major League Baseball team has the most playoff appareances without a world series win?

Through the 2010 season, that is the Houston Astros with 9 playoff appearances without a World Series win.

What nba players has played in the most playoff games without winning a championship ring?

Karl Malone played 193 playoff games in his career, with two teams, without a championship.

How long did the New York Rangers go without winning the Stanley cup?

54 years

Which mens basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever winning it all?

Which mens basketball team has made the most NCAA tournament appearances without winning a championship?Notre Dame

What MBL team has the most appearances in the World Series without a win?

The San Diego Padres appeared in two World Series without winning a title.

What is the longest the NY Rangers went without winning a Stanley cup?

1941 to 1993, 53 seasons. The Rangers won Stanley Cup in both 1940 and 1994.

Who has not won the Stanley cup?

The St. Louis Blues have won 138 playoff games and have never won a Stanley Cup. They've also PLAYED the most playoff games - 307 - without winning a Cup. The San Jose Sharks have played the most playoff games - 136 - and won the most - 64 - without even MAKING it to the final series. Of the NHL's 30 teams, 13 have never won a Cup, and 6 have never played in a final series. All that information comes from the NHL Guide and Record Book, issued every autumn and available in bookstores near you.

Who has made the most Stanley cup appearances without winning the Stanley cup?

You know, this sounds like a trick question but I'll bite. The player who's name is on the Cup the most is Henri Richard, who was on 11 Stanley Cup winning teams with the Montreal Canadiens. However, Jean Beliveau's name is on it 17 times - 10 as a player and 7 as an executive.

What NBA team have had the most final appearances without winning?

the Boston celtics. Wrong! The Lakers! Check it out!

Most Super Bowl appearances without a win?

Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills, both with 4 Super Bowl appearances without a win.

What teams have the most years without winning a Stanley cup?

Toronto Maple Leafs last Stanley Cup victory was 1967, and the St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings have never won the Cup, after beginning play in the 1967-1968 season. All three have gone the same number of seasons without a Cup win.

What major league team has played the most seasons without being in a world series?

The Seattle Mariners have been in the Major Leagues since 1977 (33 years) and have never been in the World Series. If you're asking about the longest drought of a team who HAS been in a World Series before but hasn't been in one since, the Chicago Cubs were last in the World Series in 1945, but haven't been in one since, making that a 65 year stint.