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As of the 2008 season, the only NFL team that has never won a playoff game is the Houston Texans.

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Q: Which NFL teams have not won a playoff game?
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What NFL teams never won a playoff game?

Houston Texans

How many NFL teams have won a playoff game since 2000?


What 2 NFL Teams have never won road playoff game?

houston texans and arizona cardinals

What two NFL teams has not won a playoff game in the last decade?

Minnesota Vikings and Saint Louis Rams

What nfl teams won the super bowl without a home playoff game?

Giants, Chiefs, Steelers, Packers

How many teams have won a playoff game since the Dallas Cowboys last won one?

65 teams have won a playoff game since the 96' Cowboys Supepr Bowl

What NFL playoff won a playoff game with the most turnovers in a win?


Which professional football teams have not won a playoff game in this decade?

the cardinals

What nfl teams have won the most playoff games?

Pittsburgh and Dallas are way out ahead of everyone else.

How many NFL wild card teams have won the super bowl and won all their playoff games on the road?

The Pittsburgh Steelers did in 2005.

What city won first NFL championship in 1920?

The Akron Pros won the first NFL championship with a record of 8-0-3. There was no playoff game played for the championship; there were no playoff games to determine the NFL champion until 1932.

Who has not won a playoff game in the longest time?

Prior to the 2009 season NFL playoffs, that is the Cincinnati Bengals who last won a playoff game on January 6, 1991 against the Houston Oilers.

What NBA teams have never won a NBA playoff game?

Charlotte Bobcats only...

What top rated NFL quarterbacks have never won a playoff game?

Aaron Rodgers

Did Doug Flutie ever go to the Super Bowl?

No. He never won an NFL playoff game.

Was there ever been an NFL game that went to the second overtime?

There have been three of note - the 1971 playoff game won by the Miami Dolphins over the Kansas City Chiefs, the 1986 playoff game won by the Cleveland Browns over the New York Jets, and the 2003 playoff game won by the Carolina Panthers over the St. Louis Rams.

Which was the first ever NFL Playoff game?

So, for the first time in NFL history, a one-game playoff was staged on Dec. 18, 1932, to determine the league champion. In 1932, the first playoff game was played indoors at Chicago Stadium due to poor weather. The Bears won the league championship by beating the Portsmouth Spartans, 9-0.

Who won the 1932 NFL Championship?

The 1932 NFL season saw the first playoff game in the League's history as the Chicago Bears defeated the Portsmouth Spartans (now the Detroit Lions) 9-0. Click on the '1932 NFL Playoff Game' link below to read about the game and the 1932 season.

Did Pittsburgh win any championships prior to the Super Bowls?

No.Between 1933, the Steelers first season in the NFL, and 1972 they played in only one playoff game. That was in 1947 when they tied for the East Division title with the Philadelphia Eagles and a one game playoff was needed to determine who would face the Chicago Cardinals for the NFL Championship. The Steelers lost that game, 21-0.From 1933-1971, the Steelers played in 1 playoff game and won 0 NFL Championships.From 1972-2008, the Steelers played in 49 playoff games and won 6 NFL Championships.

What was the last playoff game won by the Oakland?

There are three major professional-sports teams in Oakland. Oakland's baseball team, the Athletics, won their last playoff game on October 6, 2006 against the Minnesota Twins. It's football team, the Raiders, won their last playoff game on January 19, 2003 against the Tennessee Titans. Lastly, Oakland's basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, won their last playoff game on May 11, 2007 against the Utah Jazz.

What is the playoff history of the Detroit Lions?

Very little since they pretty much stink as a football team in the NFL. Their all time playoff record is 7-10. They won the NFL championship in 1935, 1953, 1954, and 1957. Since 1958, they have made the playoffs 9 times and won 1 playoff game.

Who was the first NFL quarterback to win a playoff game?

The first NFL playoff game was played December 18, 1932 between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans (now the Detroit Lions). The Bears won 9-0 and their QB was Carl Brumbaugh.

What NFL team has won the most playoff games?

The New England Patriots won the most;they got a byweek to watch other teams play games while they don't have games(they do have practise).

Has any NFL team won a playoff game with 5 turnovers?

New York jets 1982 they beat the raiders

What is the single game playoff rushing record?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL single playoff game rushing yards record is held by Eric Dickerson of the Los Angeles Rams who ran for 248 yards in a January 4, 1986 playoff game against Dallas. The Rams won the game 20-0.