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the New York Jets have never been to a Super Bowl!


Actually, the Jets WON Super Bowl III.

As of 2010, these teams have never won the Super Bowl:







San Diego








Of those, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Houston have never been to the Super Bowl.

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Q: Which NFL teams have no Super Bowl wins?
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NFL Teams w Most Super Bowl Wins?


Who are the NFL teams with the most Super Bowl wins?

Pittsburgh Steelers (6 Super Bowl wins)Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers (5 Super Bowl wins each)

What other teams besides the Pittsburgh Steelers have 6 Super Bowl wins?

None. The Steelers are the only NFL team with six Super Bowl wins.

What other teams are behind the Pittsburgh Steelers in super bowl wins?

All of the NFL teams are behind Pittsburgh.

How many NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl?

Eight NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl.

What nfl team has most super bowl wins?

The steelers have the most super wins they have six super bowl wins.

Who has the most Super Bowl wins inthe NFL?

Pittsburgh Steelers, with 6 Super Bowl wins

Philladelfia eagles Super Bowl wins?

They have no Super Bowl wins. They won 3 NFL Championships prior to the institution of the Super Bowl.

Who are the NFL teams with the second most Super Bowl wins?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL Season, there are two (2) teams tied with 5 wins each.San Fransisco 49ers they have a 5-0 record in Super BowlsDallas Cowboys they have a 5-3 record in Super Bowls

What NFL teams have not gone to the Super Bowl?

NFL teams that have never played in the Super Bowl are:Detroit LionsCleveland BrownsHouston TexansJacksonville JaguarsNew Orleans Saints

Which teams have 3 Super Bowl wins?

NFL teams with three Super Bowl wins:Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders (3-2)Washington Redskins (3-2)New England Patriots (3-4)

What three NFL teams hold the record for the most wins in the Super Bowl and how many did each team win?

the Pittsburgh steelers

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