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In the 2008 season the patriots lost to the dolphins,chargers,colts,jets,steelers and patriots went 11-5 in that season

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Q: Which NFL teams did the Patriots lose to?
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What teams did the nfl patriots lose to in 2010?

I know a team they lost to. They lost to the Jets.

What NFL teams have a bye this week?

patriots and colts and dolphins

What NFL team is called winged patriots?

There are no teams called the winged patriots, there is a team called the New England Patriots.

What NFL teams have won 113 games in a decade?

Patriots, 49ers.

What NFL teams won 18 games?

N E patriots

What 4 NFL teams have stars?

Cowboys Patriots Titans Texans

Who are the top 3 NFL winning teams?

Patriots, 49ers, Steelers

Adam Vinatieri played for which NFL teams?

Patriots then colts

What teams did the Raiders lose to in 2001?

New England Patriots

Which NFL teams score most points 2010?

The New England Patriots

How many teams have been caught cheating in the nfl?

2, patriots and jets

What team did the patriots lose to in the 2005 NFL postseason?

The Denver Broncos