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Q: Which NFL team was the first to integrate?
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Who was the first black to play for the LA Rams?

The Rams signed Kenny Washington on March 21, 1946 to become the first NFL team to integrate.

What was the first NFL football team in Indianapolis?

The first NFL team in Indianapolis is the Colts.

What was the first team in the NFL?


Who was named America's team first in the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys were the first team known as "America's Team". The nickname for the Cowboys was first coined in 1978, in an NFL Films highlight show.

Who was the first team to have a NFL cheerleading team?

The Baltimore Colts.

What team had the first cheerleading squad in the nfl?

The Baltimore Colts had the first cheerleading squad in the NFL.

The first NFL team?

Atlanta Falcons

How do you go the NFL?

first you go to college,and if your good enough,you get selected for the nfl the nfl draft you must get picked to play on a team or your a free agent.when you get picked your on a team and then your in the nfl.

What was troy palumalus first NFL team?

He has been with the Steelers for his entire NFL career.

Who was the first team to be retired in NFL history 1998?

The Houston Oilers were the first to retire from the NFL. -- Sterlo Crowe

What is Brett Favre first nfl team?


What NFL team is six kings?

the first flags