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Joe Montana

Terry Bradshaw

Troy Aikman

Tom Brady

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2011-02-02 21:04:48
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Q: Which NFL quarterbacks won three Super Bowls?
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Who are the only two starting quarterbacks to win four Super Bowls in NFL history?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the only two starting quarterbacks to win four Super Bowls in NFL history.

Why is Tom Brady important?

Mostly because he led the Patriots to three Super Bowls in four years, and is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL currently

Who is the only NFL head coach to win super bowls with 3 different quarterbacks?

joe gibbs

How many quarterbacks have won super bowl after 9 seasons with the NFL?


Who are the NFL quarterbacks that have three Super Bowl rings?

bradshaw, montana, brady

What can you tell me about Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is an NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots. He has won three Super Bowls and is often considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Who was the first nfl team to win 3 super bowls with 3 different quarterbacks?

My team. Your team lost big time..

What NFL football teams have won three Super Bowls in a row?

As of the 2008 season, no team has won 3 consecutive Super Bowls.

What school has had two NFL quarterbacks that have won at least two super bowls?

Stanford University. 1) Jim Plunkett - starting QB of the Raiders that won Super Bowls XV and XVIII. 2) John Elway - starting QB of the Broncos that won Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

Which NFL team became the first to win three Super Bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers became the first NFL franchise to win three Super Bowls with their 35-31 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII on January 21, 1979.

Which NFL quarterback has won the most Super Bowls?

As of the 2011 season, Joe Montana of the 49ers and Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers are the starting quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl victories at 4. Montana won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV and Bradshaw won Super Bowls IX, X, XIII, and XIV.

How many super bowl rings do the colts have?

The Colts have won three NFL Championships before the AFL-NFL merger, and two Super Bowls.

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