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Both John Elway and Tom Brady have the most Super Bowl appearances at 5 each. Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman have 4 Super Bowl appearances each.

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2014-06-27 21:15:00
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Q: Which NFL quarterback has more appearances in the Super Bowl?
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What NFL team has had more appearances in the Super Bowl?


Which quarterback has been to the Super Bowl more times?

The quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl Appearances are:Tom Brady, New England, XXXVI, XXXVIII-XXXIX, XLII, XLVIJohn Elway, Denver, XXI-XXII, XXIV, XXXII-XXXIIIVictories in Bold.

Who has more super bowl wins as a quarterback?

I think it was Joe Montana

How many quarterback have two or more super bowl rings?


What NFL team went to the Super Bowl more?

thePittsburgh Steelers have had 14 super bowl appearances in the last 20 years

Has any NFL quarterback ever won super bowl for more than one team?

No quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl for two different teams. The only starting quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl on different teams was Craig Morton. He was the starting qb for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

Has a non Quarterback player even won the super bowl MVP more than once?

Not through Super Bowl XLVI.

Which quarterback Super Bowl appearance with more than one team?

Craig Morton: Super Bowl V, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Denver Broncos

Who the youngest quarterback to win more than one Super Bowl?

Ben Roethlisberger

Who is the youngest quarterback to win more than one Super Bowl?

Ben Rothlesbeger

Does the steelers have more apperences in the Super Bowl than any team?

No the Cowboys have the most appearances with 8.

What quarterback has won the Super Bowl twice?

I don't know if this answers your question because he actually won the super bowl more than twice, but Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has won the super bowl twice.

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