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Alonzo Stagg and Joe Paterno are tied

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Q: Which NCAA football head coach has coached the most games?
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How many ncaa titles has coach tubby smith won?

One, he coached Kentucky to the national championship in his year as the coach there in 1998.

Who has coached the longest at their current ncaa school in football?

It is Joe Paterno from Penn State, he has been the head coach of the Nittany Lions since 1966. He has been with Penn State since 1950 though serving as an assistant coach before taking the head coach position in 1966.

Which coach won the ncaa championship in college football?

Their are alot of them.

What are some online football games?

Goal Line Blitz Superstar Football at has a variety of football games such as Linebacker, Wide Out, Ultimate Football, NCAA Football 2004, and NFL Head Coach. has a variety of American Football Games. also has several football games.

Who is the winningest NCAA lacrosse coach of all time?

Bob Knight has a men's NCAA Division I record 902* wins. Pat Summit has a women's NCAA Division I record with 1,022** wins as of 1/26/10. Pat Summit coached Tennessee for eight years under the AIWA and not the NCAA. As an NCAA coach her record is 820-137(as of 01-14-09) with an overall record of 995-185(as of 1-14-09) *Retired in 2008 **Active coach. Subject to change.

What coach has won the most NCAA tournament games?

Coach k

Which coach has the most ncaa football victories?

Joe Paterno at Penn State

What NCAA coach has sent the most football players to the NFL?

Bobby Bowden

What coach played on and coached the same team to ncaa championship?

sure there are a few, but Jim Boeheim of Syracuse for 1 Phog Allen also at Kansas.

Who lost the national championship for ncaa division 1 football?

Ohio states coach

Name an ncaa football coach who was recently fired and his team?

Weis/Notre Dame

Oldest coach to win NCAA men's basketball championship?

Larry Brown coached Kansas to the 1988 championship.