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SEC in football

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Q: Which NCAA conference has won the most national titles from all major sports?
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What major sports titles has New York won?

They have won world series, super bowls, nba titles,

What D1 conference has won the most major sport national championships?

the SEC

What are two main division of the national football league?

The two major divisions of the NFL are the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. They were separate leagues until the two merged in 1970.

What are the major sports teams in Guatemala?

Guatemala national football team

What major university has the most national championships in all sports?


When is national sports day celebrated?

National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th August on the birth of Major Dhyan Chand Singh who was a field hockey player.

What types of sports are featured on ESPN Sports?

All kinds of sports are featured on ESPN Sports. Among them are the National Football League games, Major League Baseball, College Football, the National Basketball League and more.

What are the major sports teams in Finland?

The Finland national ice hockey teams

What player has the most MVP's in all 4 major sports?

Wayne Gretzky (NHL) has the most regular season MVP titles with 9.

What ncaa conference have the most national championships?

Across all sports, the Pac-12 has more national championships than any other conference. In college football, it is difficult to determine which conference has more national championships than another for several reasons. First, teams shift conference affiliations from time to time. For example, Nebraska won three national titles int he 1990s as a member of the Big 12, but Nebraska is now a member of the Big Ten. The Big Ten now claims the titles as having been won by a member institution even though the titles were not won when Nebraska was a member institution. Additionally, there have often been multiple claimants to the title of "national champion" in any given season. As the NCAA does not award a championship of its own in the Divison I-FBS category, it has been historically left to the polls to decide the "national champion." Finally, the long history of college football leads to early skewed numbers when relatively few teams participated. Princeton and Yale, no longer part of the top division of college football, claim 44 national championships between the two schools. Add eight from Harvard, six from Penn, three from Cornell and one from Dartmouth would mean the Ivy League far and away has more championships (62) than any other conference. Then again, the Ivy League has not won a "major" college football championship since 1935 (Princeton).

How many major titles did althea Gibson win?

She won five major singles titles.

What university has national championships in the greatest number of different sports?

For the major sports, Alabama for football, UCLA for basketball, and LSU and South Carolina for baseball

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