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dean smith

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Q: Which NCAA basketball coach has produced the most NBA players?
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What NCAA Basketball coach has the most players playing in NBA in the last 5 years?

=Roy Williams=

Who is Coach K of NCAA Basketball?

duke's head coach

What age was the youngest NCAA basketball coach?


Who is the youngest coach to win the ncaa championship in basketball?


Basketball coach most NCAA championships?

john wooden

Which coach has the most losses in ncaa mens basketball history?

Andy Wood. He was a coach out of Snowflake, Arizona.

Who is the NCAA basketball coach to win a championship with two different college basketball teams?

Rick Pitino

Who is oldest living former NCAA basketball coach?

nba basketball player.sam smith is the oldest living

How do you change players ncaa basketball 10?

i dont think you can

What NCAA basketball conference has the most players in the nba?

the acc has the most nba players.

How many players are in a women's NCAA basketball team?

anywhere from 14-17 players

Who is the NCAA basketball coach with the most wins on record?

bobby knight i believe