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los campeches de lumpeca

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Q: Which NBA teams have never played for a NBA championship?
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What NBA teams have never played in an championship game?

The Clippers, Nuggets,T-Wolves,Hornets,Raptors, Bobcats and Grizzles. Have never made it to an NBA finals

What NBA teams played in 1997?

The Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls in the 1997 NBA Championship Game.

How many NBA teams play in the championship?

Only two NBA teams play in one year's championship game.

What two NBA teams have never won the championship?

The Charlotte Bobcats and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Do both teams in the nba get championship rings?


How many NBA teams do not have a championship ring?


Have the Phoenix Suns ever won an NBA Championship?

No, they have never won an NBA Championship

Have the Cleveland Cavaliers ever wn an NBA Championship?

No, they have never won the NBA Championship

When did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA Championship

What NBA teams has never went to a NBA championship?

There are currently 7 teams who have never appeared in the NBA Finals. They are: Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, New Orleans Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Rapters, and Charlotte Bobcats. These teams range from 5-38 seasons.

What two teams played for the NBA championship in 2010?

Las years champions were the LA Lakers who played vs. the Boston Celtics.

How many teams in the NBA havent won a championship?


What NBA player was on the most championship teams?

Bill Russel

What NBA teams has the most championship wins?

Lakers and Celtics

Which nba teams played in the championship in 2007?

Boston celtics vs los angles lakers . Boston won

What teams played in 1981 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics defeated the Houston Rockets, 4 games to 2, to win the 1981 NBA championship.

Did the Indiana pacers win an NBA championship?

No the Indiana Pacers have never won an NBA championship.

Did the denver nuggets ever win an nba championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA championship

What NBA basketball team has won the NBA championship the least times?

there are a few teams to never win, one is the kings, and a few of the new ones like the thunder

What two nba teams played in the 2008 championship?

it was the Boston celtics and the los angeles lakers. Boston won the best of 7 series and won the championship

What nba players has played in the most playoff games without winning a championship ring?

Karl Malone played 193 playoff games in his career, with two teams, without a championship.

When has la clippers won NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Clippers have never won an NBA Championship

What teams did Larry bird beat in the nba finals?

Lakers once, Rockets twice.

How many NBA championship rings did joe Bryant get in NBA?

Joe Bryant never won a championship ring in the NBA level.

NBA teams which team has been at the championship the most?

Boston Celtics