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There are many different NBA players that wear the Number 6 jersey. Among these are Arron Afflalo, Kent Bazemore and Tyson Chandler.

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Q: Which NBA players wear number 6?
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What nba players wear number 6?

bill Russell, Julius erving

What NBA players wear 6?

Eddie Jones is one. Not many players wear this number, and I am not sure why....I believe LeBron is wearing it in the upcoming Olympics or may be even D-Wade

What baseball players wear number 6?

Steve Garvey

How many players are in the NBA in 2010?

There are 435 players in the NBA as of now 11/6/10

What NBA player wore number 6?

Julius Erving and Bill Russell are the most famous to wear 6.

What is the average height of NBA players?

6' 7''

Which current English soccer players wear jersey number 6?

John Terry

What famous soccer players wear the number 6?

Xavi for Barcelona. Iniesta for Spain.

Which nba players wear number 23?

Michael Jordan wore it, that's why it's very famous. LeBron James wore it in the 2009-10 season, but he's changing it to 6 in the 2010-11 season. Marcus Camby, a player for the Portland Trail Blazers wears the number 23 as his jersey as well, most NBA players wear that number in honor of Michael Jordan because he made that jersey number famous in basketball.

What soccer players wear number 6?

Xavi, Iniesta, David Luiz, Georgi Dereliev

Current nba players under 6 foot?


How many NBA players graduated from Westbury Christian?


What are current NFL Players Wear 6?

I dunno All But Mark Sanchez from the NY jets is wearing the number 6

How come no one in the NBA wears No. 6?

LeBron James is going to wear number 6 next year in honor of Michael Jordan.

Is the number 23 retired in the nba?

no . remember lebron james wore the number 23. he decided to give the number up and wear the number 6 on the heat out of respect

Which New York Yankees players currently wear the numbers 2 and 6?

Currently, Derek Jeter wears the number 2 and the last Yankee to wear the number 6 was manager Joe Torre.

When basketball was invented what was the average height of the players?

Basketball started in 1891 and the average height of NBA players is about 6 foot 6

What MLB players wear number 6?

I know melvin mora(orioles third basemen), and Ryan howard do.

How many UNC Chapel Hill players won NBA championships?


List the 6 foot 7 inch NBA players?

paul pierce

Players have 5 NBA rings?

migac, air Jordan (6),shaq,

Who are famous basketball players that wore the number 6?

Well, probably the greatest to ever wear the number 6 is Bill Russel who has more Championship ring than he does fingers

Sports figures who wore 6?

Some MLB players who have worn or currently wear the number 6 are Al Kaline, Adam Eaton, Tony Pena, Alberto Gonzalez, and Brett Pill. Some pro basketball players who wear or wore number 6 are Alan Anderson, Kent Bazemore, Julius Erving, Derek Fisher, and Walter Berry. Some NFL players wearing the number 6 are Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler.

What famous baseball players wear 6?

Stan musial

How many players wear number 18 in the NFL?

Currently after roster cuts, 7, or 6 if you dont count Donte Stallworth