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Kris Humphries

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Q: Which NBA player past or present has the initials kh?
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What past or present NBA players have DC initials?

Doug Collins

Which NBA player past or present has the initials gm?

Hall of Famer George Mikan. ABA and NBA star George McGinnis. Former Bullets center Gheorge Muresan. Former Celtics guard Glenn McDonald.

Which past or present NBA players have AJ initials?

Anthony Johnson, Avery Johnson, Amir Johnson, Al Jefferson, and many other players

How do you get a mascot unlocked in NBA jam?

Player 1 type MAS for your initials and Player 2 type COT for your initials for games like Xbox and for Ipods just type MAS for your initials. The team is the NBA sign.

Which current or past NBA players wear number 87?

There has been no present or past NBA or ABA players who have worn the jersey number 87.

Who is number 00 past or present in the NBA that has died?

dorell arthur;grizzlies

How long can you be in the NBA?

There is no limit to how long a player may play in the NBA. However, no player has every played past 42 years old.

Famous people with the initials LJ?

Lyndon Jhonson (vice president to JFK) Lebron James (NBA Basketball Player)

Which NBA player is nicknamed CP3?

its Chris Paul. His initials are CP and he wears the number three so CP+3=CP3

What do the initials NBA stand for?

National Basketball Association

Current NBA players with initials MM?

Mike Miller

Who is the smallest basketball player at present in NBA?

Earl Boykins is the smallest player currently in the NBA. He is 5'5 and plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. He is number 11 and his position is point guard.

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