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The heat

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Q: Which NBA franchises have won a NBA championship in their first 20 years?
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How long did it take Michael Jordan to when his first NBA finals?

its took hime 7 years to win his first nba championship

How many years before Michael Jordan won his first championship?

he start the nba in 1984-1985 and his first title came in 1990-1991

When did the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title?

They won their first championship against the Miami HEAT in the 2011 NBA championship.

What team won the NBA championship in 1991, marking the first of a six-championship run in eight years?

Chicago Bulls

Do new or transferred NBA franchises usually do well in their first few seasons?


What was the date that Jordan won his first championship?

Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their first NBA Champion June 12, 1991.

How many teams have gone to the playoffs in their first year in the NBA?

In the first year of the NBA in 1946-1947 Season, the Chicago Stags won the NBA Championship. In 1948-1949, the Minneapolis Lakers won a championship in the first year. Never again, has this been accomplished.

How old was Magic Johnson when he won his first NBA Championship?


Who was the first Puerto Rican to win NBA championship?

J.J Barea

How old was Michael Jordan when he won his first nba title with the bulls?

MJ was born on February 17, 1963. Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals was won (and thus the championship) on June 12, 1991. So Jordan was 28 years (3 months and 26 days) old when he won his first championship. FYI: LBJ was 27 years (5 months and 22 days) old when he won his first championship ring.

Who was the first Asian NBA player to win an NBA championship?

Yao Ming <------ he'll never win one

Which team most NBA championship appearance's in the last 30 years?

LA Lakers