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Detroit swept the Lakers 4-0

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Q: Which NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the year 1989?
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What team won both football and basketball national championships in the same year?


Which NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the year 2008?

Boston Celtics

What year did the NCAA basketball championships begin?

1939 (Oregon was the winner of an 8-team tournament)

Which state has the best basketball team?

well, the Carolina tar heels won the championships last year so probably them!

What year did the University of Florida win National Championships in basketball and football?

2006, in football they beat Ohio State, and basketball they beat UCLA. The basketball team also won it again, the next year beating Ohio State.

Which NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the year 2002?

Los Angeles Lakers 2002 Finals L.A. Lakers 4, New Jersey 0

What city is hosting men's division 1 basketball championships this year?

new orleans

What year did the same school win both NCAA basketball championships?

2004 uconn

Which university will never have national championships in football and basketball in the same year?

University of Kentucky

What is Eisenhower middle school which is in in Freehold NJ basketball ranking in the country?

i am on the team in freehold nj for eisenhower i dont know what our rank is in the country but this year we won the championships so

Which NCAA team won the most championships in one year?


Is University of Florida the first to win National Championships in Basketball and Football in the same year?

Yes, not only were they first to win both in the same year, but they were also the first team to have held both at the same time.

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