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None. Coors was a sponsor of Bill Elliott, Kyle Petty, Robby Gordon, and Sterling Marlin.

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Q: Which NASCAR drivers does Coors sponsor?
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Who drives the Coors sponsored NASCAR car?

Currently, Coors does not sponsor a car in Nascar.

How are NASCAR drivers paid?

They are paid from their winnings and sponsor's.

Who are the current Nascar drivers sponsored by Bank of America?

None as the primary sponsor.

Who drove the Coors car through its history in Nascar?

Bill Elliott drove the number 9 Coors car. Robbi e Gordon and Sterling Martin have driven the number 40 Coors car. Coors Light started its official sponsorship with NASCAR in 2008, after a 14-year run as the primary sponsor of the No. 40 car.

Who are the past drivers in Nascar that drove for sponsor Meineke?

Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty.

Which drivers does Coke sponsor?

NASCAR's Coke family drivers:Tony StewartRyan NewmanJoey LoganoDanica PatrickDenny HamlinGreg Biffle

How do NASCAR drivers get paid?

Salary (from sponsor) + bonuses (from lots of sources) + % of prize money (% differs by driver) = lots of money

Who drove Coors car in the 1970's in NASCAR?


Why do NASCAR cars have fake car names on the front?

What do you mean by fake? If you mean by the sponsors, they pay the drivers to sponsor their brand of product.

How much money do Nascar drivers make per year?

Well it depends on your skills, position you finish, and your sponsor. If your sponsor is very popular then it kind of means you get payed a little more.

Who drove the Coors car in the 1980s in Nascar?

Bill Elliott drove the #9 coors car, it seems to me that that was in the mid to late 80's. Coors has been a long time sponsor and a few other drivers may have piloted cars with their name on it in that time frame. Bill actually drove the Melling owned Coors Light car for 1 season only and that was 1991. He only got 1 win (Pepsi 400 at Daytona) and it was his last year driving for Melling. The next time Bill was in a Coors car was in 2005 when he drove the #39 Coors Dodge Charger in a paint scheme similar to his old red #9 Coors T-Birds of the 1980's

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

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