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Lamar Thomas

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Q: Which Miami receiver did george teague strip the ball from in the 1992 national championship?
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When did George Teague strip the ball?

In the 1992 National Championship game, Alabama defensive back George Teague ran down the fastest man in college football, Miami receiver Lamar Thomas and took the ball away from him at the Bama five yard line. The 1992 final outcome was Alabama 34, Miami 13. "Dixie's Football Pride" as Alabama's team came to be known in the 1920's, had won its first national championship in 13 years. Yes, to Tide fans, things were once again right with the world.

What is the birth name of George Teague?

George Teague's birth name is George Theo Teague.

How tall is George Teague?

George Teague is 6' 1".

When was George Teague born?

George Teague was born on February 18, 1971, in Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Who tackled Terrel Owens for showboating?

George Teague

The amazing play known as ''The Strip'' was made by who?

The Answer is George Teague

Who was the Alabama Crimson Tide's safety in 1998?

george teague

Who tackled TO when throwing ball on Dallas star?

Safety George Teague.

Who tackled Terrell Owens on the Dallas Star when he was show boating?

George Teague

The amazing Alabama football play known as The Strip was made by who?

George Teague

Who was tackled by George Teague on the Dallas star and now has that on his helmet?

Terrell Owens was tackled after running the ball and putting it on the star. On a second play when he scored a touchdown, he did the same thing again. George Teague was tired of his disrespectful behavior and popped him @ full speed. Teague was then rejected from the game. As far as having "that " on his helmet, I am unsure.

How much did the NFL fine George Teague for his hit on Terrell Owens?

it wasnt allowed to be published