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Considering that their are only 4 given out for the entire season (Rookie Challenge MVP, All-Star Game MVP, NBA MVP [for the season], and the NBA Finals MVP), the most prestigious would easily be the NBA MVP award.

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Q: Which MVP award is the most prestigious in the NBA?
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Who was the first white man to win the NBA MVP award?

That would be Bob Pettit, the first winner of the NBA MVP award.

Who is the 2nd most nba mvp award winner?

The answer would be Micheal Jordan.

Who won 2008 MVP in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant won the MVP award in the 2007-08 NBA season

What Canadian has won the most mvp's in the nba?

Steve Nash is the only Canadian to win the MVP award in the NBA.yup

When is the mvp NBA award this year?

The MVP award is given in early May. Lebron James received the award like on the 3rd.

Who has won the 2014 nba mvp award?

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder won the 2013-2014 NBA Most Valuable Player Award.

Do NBA players get bonuses for making the play-offs?

The NBA MVP gets a salary raise for every MVP award he receives.

What is the best award in basketball?

NBA Finals MVP

Which nba player has the most regular season mvp award?

the player with the most is kareem adbul-jabbar with 6 of them

Who is the MVP in the NBA?

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) is an award handed out during the NBA playoffs. Many people around the league (analysts, commentators, etc.) are allowed to vote for who they believe is the NBA MVP for the regular season. This is different from the NBA Finals' MVP. As of the 2008-2009 season, LeBron James is the last winner of the MVP trophy.

Who won the 2005 NBA MVP award?

Steve Nash

How much is a NBA MVP award worth?

2 cent