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most at bats in lifetime - pete rose [14,053]

most career hits in lifetime - pete rose [4,256]

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Q: Which MLB player holds the record for most at bats and most hits in his lifetime?
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What catcher holds the record for most at bats without a triple?

Johnny Estrada with almost 2,000 at-bats

Who has the most at bats as a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter holds the Yankees record for most career at-bats.

How many lifetime at bats did Mickey Mantle have?

Mickey Mantle had 8,102 career at-bats.

What is Sachins Tendulkar's favourite bat?

sacin tendulkar served his country for 24 years and holds the record for highest runs in test as well as one dayers,he is the only player who has 100 centuary in his international carrier he prefrebally used the mrf tyres sponserd bats

Is there a bag that can carry several baseball bats?

A nice bag to look at is the Louisville Omaha Player Bag. This bag holds up to four

Who holds the White Sox record for career batting Average?

That is Joe Jackson at .340.Jackson played 648 games for the White Sox between 1915-1920 and had 829 base hits in 2439 at bats.

How many games does a professional baseball player have to play to establish a batting average?

Just one, so long as he/she bats. After the first at bat, the player has established his/her average which for the record will either be 0.00 or 1.00)

Who has the record for most consecutive at bats without getting out?

Between May 17, 1929 and September 19, 1929, Hall of Famer Joe Sewell of the Cleveland Indians went 437 at bats in 115 games without striking out. For the 1929 season, Sewell struckout 4 times in 578 at bats. He holds the MLB record for being the toughest batter to strikeout at 1 strikeout every 62.6 at bats (114 strikeouts in 7,132 at bats).

Who has struck out the most as a Yankee?

Mickey Mantle, who played Outfield for the Yankees from 1951-1968, holds the Yankee franchise record for most strikeouts by a batter as a Yankee, with a total of 1710 strikeouts in 8102 at-bats in 2401 games.

What was Rod Carews lifetime batting average?

.328 ... 3053 hits in 9315 at bats.

Does Anthony Rizzo bat right or left?

MLB player Adam LaRoche bats left.

Who holdsMLB record for most consecutive games with at least one strikeouts?

If your question is about pitchers, Nolan Ryan accrued 5,714 strikeouts in his career, with Randy Johnson being second at 4,875 and Roger Clemens third at 4,672. If it's about batters, Reggie Jackson holds the record with 2,597 strikeouts in his career...Jim Thome is second at 2,337. If current player and single-season strikeout record holder Mark Reynolds, however, has a 12-year major league career, he'll get close to exceeding Reggie's mark, at least if he maintains his current pace. While Reggie struck out in 26% of his at bats over his career, Reynolds has amassed 626 strikeouts in 1661 at bats, an astonishing 38% of the time! To beat Reggie, Reynolds will need only 6,837 at bats, about 10-11 full season's worth, or about 2/3 the number of at bats Reggie had.