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The Chicago Cubs have the longest streak with out a championship they won their last one in 1908 so that's 101 yrs. the next team is the Cleveland Indians who haven't won since 1948 or 61 yrs

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Q: Which MLB has the most years without a championship win?
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Which MLB players have the most championship rings?

Yogi Berra (10)

What Pro Sports team in the 4 major sports has not won the championship for the longest?

If you are talking about the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB then the answer is the Chicago Cubs who have not won a championship since 1908.There are a number of teams that have never won a championship, but the Cubs 101 years without a title is the longest drought.Coincidentally, MLB has been around the longest.Longest championship drought in NBA: Sacramento Kings(1951, when the team was the Rochester Royals)Longest championship drought in NHL: Chicago Blackhawks(1960-1961)Longest championship drought in NFL: Arizona Cardinals(1947, then located in Chicago)

What are the requirements to get a MLB championship ring How long does a player have to be on the team to receive one ie Manny Ramariz?

The requirements to getting a MLB championship ring are winning an MLB championship. There should not be a time limit for players being on the team.

How many games in a MLB league championship?

best of 7

Is it possible for an MLB team to win 12 playoff games in 1 season?

No. The most playoff wins needed for a world championship is 11.

Most hits in MLB in the last 12 years?

Ichiro Suzuki

Most games without an error in MLB?

Current streak is 18 that was recently accomplished by the Yankees.

Who hit the most home runs in MLB history without taking drugs?

Hank Aaron

Who won the MLB championship baseball?

the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

What MLB Player with 5 championship rings not as a Yankees?

There isn't a player with five, but there is one with six. The MLB player with six championship rings, and none of them coming with the Yankees is Eddie Collins. Collins won five championships with the Philadelphia A's and one with the White Sox.

What two MLB teams were in the championship last year?

The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008.

What is some information on the New York Yankees?

1. Best baseball team ever. 2. Team with the most championship ever won in any sport. 3. Holds record for most consecutive world series titles won. 5. 4. Team with the highest payroll in the MLB. 5. Team with the most playoff apearances. 6. Did I mention they are the best team ever in the MLB? Because they are.