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Q: Which London soccer side is further south-Arsenal or Chelsea?
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Which soccer team is the best in London?


Who is the most popular soccer team in London England?


What are soccer teams in London?

Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham and Tottenham are the main teams in London.

What country does Chelsea the soccer team come from?

Chelsea is not a country it is a place in England.

Does pro evolution soccer 2009 have Chelsea fc?

yes the team is not named Chelsea it has been named London f.c

Where was the last Chelsea versus Arsenal match held?

The last Chelsea verses Arsenal match was held in London at the London Derby. These are two local teams that play soccer and have had a long lasting rivalry.

What is best team in a soccer?


What is the price in US Dollars to go to an Arsenal Gunners soccer game?

About £55 or $90 but you should go to a better London club like Chelsea for $80.

Which team does tubes from soccer am support?


What are all the pro soccer teams names?


Who is the doctor for Chelsea Soccer club?

Eva Carneiro

What two sports does Chelsea enjoy?

football and soccer