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They don't play for the league, but they play in the Premiership.

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Q: Which League does Arsenal play for?
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What will happens of arsenal lose there champions league play off?

A team has to WIN the Champions league play-off to qualify for the CL. If arsenal lose, then they dont get to play in the Champions League.

What league does Andry Arshavin play in?

English premire league wit arsenal

How many Barclay's league titles do Arsenal and Chelsea have?

Arsenal has 13 league titles and Arsenal has 4 league titles.

Does Obama play Fantasy Priemier League?

Yes apperently. He likes Arsenal.

What league are arsenal in?

Premier league

When does Barcelona play in the champions league quarterfinals?

Barcelona will play Arsenal in the quarter finals to be held on 31st of march.

Who did Sol Cambpell play for in a Champions League final?

He played for Arsenal against Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final, he scored the first goal, but Arsenal eventually lost out 2-1.

Did Barcelona ever play Arsenal in a champions league final?

In the year 2006 Barcelona played and defeated Arsenal by two goals to one in the final.

Who did sol cambpell play for and against in champions league final?

played for arsenal and it was against Barcelona

Who is the next team to play Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League now.?

Barcelona play arsenal on 16/2/2011.

Smallest player in champions league?

The shortest person to play in the champions league is Jernade Meade of Arsenal at 5'3" against Olympiakos

Did arsenal qualify for this years last 16 in the champions league?

Yes, Arsenal did make it to the round of 16 for this champions league this year. They are currently scheduled to play Bayern Munich on February 19, 2013.

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