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Ronaldinho, Zambrotta and probably others

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Clarence Seedorf

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Gianluca Zambrotta

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Q: Which Italian defender played both for Barcelona and AC Milan?
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What teams has brasilian ronaldo played for?

barcelona, inter milan,ac milan,real madrid

Who played for Barcelona-Atalanta-Lazio-milan?

Demetrio Albertini

Clubs ronaldo delima has played for?

Ronaldo Delima has played for P.S.V Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan. ,

What soccer teams has Neymar played for?

Ronaldo has played for Corrinhians, p.S.V. Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and a.c. Milan.

What is Paolo Maldini best known for?

Paulo Maldini is best known as an Italian footballer. He played for AC Milan for over twenty five years as central or left defender. He also played for Italy for over 14 years.

Name 3 players who have played for 5 clubs who have won the European cup?

Ronaldo (Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, P.S.V Eindhoven) Edgar Davids (Ajax Amsterdam, A.C Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter Milan)

Who played for Sporting Lisbon Barcelona Real Madrid and Inter Milan?

Luis Figo

Who is better ac Milan or Barcelona?

Barcelona is better

Who has played for 5 European cup winning clubs?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, and AC Milan. All 5 of these clubs have won a European Cup before in their history. Most Recent out of the 3 being FC Barcelona (2011), Inter Milan (2010), and AC Milan (2007)

Who has played fo AC milan and inter milan?

The Brazilian striker Ronaldo Lima is the player who played for both Milan teams . He first played for Inter Milan after leaving Barcelona , and then joined A.C.Milan after he played for Real Madrid.

Fc Barcelona vs ac Milan all results?

fc barcelona vs milan results?

To which team does ronaldinho changed?

Ronoldhino changed clubs from Barcelona to A.C.Milan.