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prakash padukone

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Q: Which Indian player won the national title for badminton 9 times in row?
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Who won national title badminton player in India nine times in a row?

Aparna Popat was senior national women's champion in India 9 times between 1997 and 2006.

Who won the national badminton championship of India 6 times?

Prakash Padukone

Where does badminton origin from?

Badminton has been palayed by d ancient Greeks in ancient times and also by the Japanses as early as the 1500s. However, modern badminton can b traced to India, whre British officials played the local Indian game "Poona".

Which country invented badminton?

Greece in ancient times invented badminton.

In badminton Is it illegal for a player to hit the birdie 2 times over the net?

Yes. Unlike volleyball, in badminton, you must hit the ball only once, like its cousin, tennis.

How many times has Mark Todd won Badminton?

Mark Todd has won Badminton Horse Trials four times! I cant believe it!

How many times has Australia has won a gold medal at badminton in Olympics?

3 gold medals in badminton

What was the most popular sport in the Tudor times?


Is badminton a weak game compared to tennis?

Of course NOT! Actually it is not good idea to compare different sports, but statistic says that badminton is faster and more intensive. Match duration: tennis about 3 hours, badminton 1 hour. Ball in play: tennis 20 minutes, badminton 40 minutes. Shots: tennis 1000, badminton 2000 Distance covered by athlete: tennis 2 miles, badminton 3.5 miles (note that badminton court 2.5 times smaller so badminton player runs reciprocally more intensive).

How many times did Indian national team win gold medals in Olympics in field hockey?


How many times can you hit a birdie each times on a side in badminton?

Only once

How much times can you hit a birdie each times on a side in badminton?

just once

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