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Q: Which Indian player was declared the man of the series in icc champions trophy2013?
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Which Indian player won the champion of champions award in Australia?

Sunil Gavaskar

Does champions league pay a player per goal?

No the Champions league doesnt pay a player directly for a goal scored. It is the management or sponsors who might pay the player for a goal.

Who is the oldest player to play in the champions league?

The eldest player to have played in the Champions League was Marco Ballotta. He was 43 years and 253 days old.

What player has won the world cup champions league euro champions league and English premiership?

Claude Makalele

Last welsh player score in champions league final?

The player is Ryan Giggs.

Who is the most expensive player in champions league ever?


Who is the best player in the champions league 2011 2012?


Can a football player play in champions league if he played in uefa champions league in his club can the player still play for another club if he is baught?

Not in the same season. The player can't be registered for the competition with the second and will be 'cup-tied'.

Player who wons the champions league and the copa libertadores?

The player is the Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez.

Who is the fastest player in UEFA Champions League?

Probably Gareth Bale.

Who is the only Icelandic player to win the champions league?

Eidur Gudjohnsen

Who were some of the champions at the Carnoustie Golf club?

There have been many champions at the Carnoustie Golf club. Some of these champions include Tommy Armour, Henry Cotton, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, and Tom Watson.