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Q: Which Indian cricketer has scored three times 290 plus in test match?
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Which cricketer from India was awarded Man of the Match in the ODI Cricket World Cup 1975?

The only Indian cricketer to win a Man of the Match award in the 1975 World Cup was Farokh Engineer, whose innings of 54 not out helped India to a ten-wicket victory against East Africa. The match was India's second of three in the tournament.

What is the match fee of a Indian cricketer?

In a calander year, the fees of the players are divided into three catagories:-Class A-1 crore per annum Class-B-50 lakh per annum Class-c-25 lakh per annum

Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three test match?


Did yakubu aiyegbeni ever since his signing by some English clubs scored a three goals in a match in any English premiership league match?


Which cricketer has scored 3000 runs and taken 300 wickets in one day cricket?

Only three cricketers have done this: Sanath Jayasuriya, Shaun Pollock and Shahid Afridi

Did Jamie carragher score 3 own goals in a match?

No. The most own goals Jamie Carragher has scored in a match is 2 Vs Manchester United. Yes he did score three own goals in a match!

Who was the first Indian cricketer?

The first cricketer to take to the crease in first-class cricket in an independent India was Madhusudan Amersey, who played in the Bombay Festival Tournament competition of 1946-47 just three months after India's independence. The first cricketer to take to the crease in a Test match involving India was Janardan Navle, on June 25, 1932. Also statistically notable about Navle is that he is one of only eleven players ever to play for the first class team of Gwalior.

Who scored a century in the 2007 ICC World Twenty 20 Cricket Tournament?

The only century scored in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 tournament was scored by West Indian Chris Gayle. He became the first person to score a century in an official Twenty20 International match, and hit the most sixes in such a match, with a total of ten. The first-wicket partnership between Gayle and his batting partner Devon Smith was a record-breaking 145, the highest in Twenty20 International cricket. In spite of these three astonishing feats, the West Indies still lost the match with 2.2 overs to spare - though Gayle was given the Man of the Match award.

Who many gaols is the record scored in a the premia league?

There are three answers to the question: "How many goals is the record scored in the English Premier League?" 1. In a 42-match season the record is 34 - scored by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer 2. In a 38-match season the record is 31 scored by Alan Shearer 3. Since its inception, the highest number of goals scored by one man is 260 (by, well, Alan Shearer)

Which Indian scored three hundred in world cup 2003?

Sourav Ganguly made 3 centuries in 2003 world cup

What is the fastest goal from kickoff in 2010 world cup match?

The fastest goal in the 2010 world cup was scored by Thomas Mueller, in three minutes.

Did Sir Donald bradman hit 100 runs off 3 overs?

In 1931 he scored 100 runs in three overs! NSW cricketer Wendell Bill was batting at the other Niji Gupta

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