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Q: Which IPL team did Shahid Afridi played with in IPL?
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Which IPL team did Shahid Afridi played with in IPL1?

Deccan Chargers

Who took the maximum wickets in ipl 2010?

Zaheer Khan took the most number of wickets for India, 21. He tied with Shahid Afridi. Yuvraj Singh took 15 wickets.

Most six in cricket record?

In modern cricket, the most number of sixes hit is Shahid Afridi's 367. This includes all Test, ODI and T20 matches he has played. He has batted 392 times, which means he averages a six every 0.93 innings. Next is Sanath Jayasuria, with 352 sixes.

Who was the team to played in final of ipl 2?

deccan chargers and royal challengers Banglore played in final of ipl 2

How many matches will the winning team play in the ipl 2011?

Team winning the IPL 2011 was Chennai Super Kings which played 16 matches.

Who is the player to lead a team in all seasons of IPL played so far?

who is the player to lead in all season of ipl played so far

What sports are played by the rich Bombay Indians?

The Mumbai Indians are an IPL cricket team.

Sachin tendulkar is the player of which IPL team?

sachin tendulkar played in mumbai indians.

Which team has won 4 IPL?

Mumbai Indians the baddest team in the ipl edition

In ipl 2010 this team became the first team to play less than four overseas players in an ipl match in any ipl name the team?

Deccan chargers

Is kkr a good ipl team in ipl 2010?


How many teams are played in ipl 2008?

8 teams played in the season of 2008 CSK DD DC MI RR KKR KXIP RCB