Which IPL 2012 team sachin plays?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Which IPL 2012 team sachin plays?
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Which IPL team sachin plays?

Mumbai Indians

Sachin Tendulkar was the player of which IPL team?

Sachin Tendulkar is the Icon Player of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

Sachin tendulkar is the player of which IPL team?

sachin tendulkar played in mumbai indians.

How many runs has sachin tendulkar scored in ipl history upto IPL 2012?

324 runs as on Aug16th 2012

How many matches each team plays in ipl 2012?

14 matches

Has Sachin crossed 2000 runs in IPL?

No, Sachin has not yet crossed 2000 runs in IPL. Total runs of Sachin - 1739

What was the total score of sachin in 2007 IPL?

IPL was not held in 2007.

Who has played most number of IPL matches?

Sachin Tendulkar for Indian International Cricket Team

Who is the most costly team in ipl 2012?


Which team won in IPL 2012?

KKR- Kolkata knight Riders(won IPL 2012)

Which team won IPL 2012?

kolkatta knight riders

Which IPL team does Jason Gillespie play for?

He doesnt play in the ipl. he plays in the icl and Aussie domestic league