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This might have been done by others, but generally the credit goes to goal-tending great Jacques Plante of the Canadiens in the 50's.

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Q: Which Hall of Fame goaltender was credited with being the first goalie to skate behind the net to stop the puck for his defensemen?
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What is the term house goalie?

A goaltender who plays in a rec league. It is deragatory. If you get caleld a house goalie then you stink

How do you spell goaltander?

The hockey or ice hockey position is spelled "goaltender" (goalie).

Can you screen the goalie in hockey?

The two lines behind the net are not in regards to body contact, they are in regards to the goaltender playing the puck. If the puck is between those two lines, the goaltender is allowed to play the puck with his stick (i.e. stop the puck, pass it to a team mate, etc). The goaltender cannot play the outside of that area BEHIND the goal line. The goaltender is allowed to play the puck anywhere in front of the goal line. Here's the description from Wikipedia ... New in the 2005-06 season, after testing in the American Hockey League, is a trapezoid behind each goalie net. The goalie can only play the puck within that area or in front of the goal line. If he plays the puck behind the goal line and not in the trapezoid, a 2 minute minor penalty for delay of game will be assessed by the referees. This rule is widely referred to as the "Brodeur rule," after New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, whose puckhandling behind the net is believed to be the cause for the rule.[1][2] (

Does Lacrosse have attackmen?

Yes 3 attackmen 3 midfielders 3 defensemen 1 goalie

What is The House Term?

A goaltender who plays in a rec league. It is deragatory. If you get caleld a house goalie then you stink

Can a substituted goaltender reenter the game in hockey?

yes a goalie can reenter a game after being substituted for.

What does G mean in soccer?

Goal or in position Goaltender (goalie)

On a 5 a side tournament is there 4 players and 1 goalie on a team?

5 a side refers to the 3 forwards and 2 defensemen only. So it is 5 a side plus the goalie.

Who invented the hockey goalie cage?

Jacques Plante was the first goaltender to create and use a practical mask in 1959.

How many players are on a lacrosse men's team?

10 1 Goalie 3 Midfielders (Middies) 3 Attackmen 3 Defensemen

What are the players called that stands behind the forwards?

In field hockey: Midfielders... There are usually 4 of them with 3 forwards and 3 defense-men and 1 goalie. In ice hockey: Defensemen. They come in pairs with 3 forwards (Left Wing, Centre, and Right Wing) and one goalie.

In lacrosse how many players are on the court?

There are 10 players per team...3 attackers...3 midfielders...and 3 a goalie