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Most notably, Thierry Henry, and Nicolas Anelka I think, too.

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Q: Which French players have scored a hat-trick in the English Premiership?
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Name the french players who have played 300 English premiership games?

anelka, distin, malbranque

Which french players have played over 300 games in the premiership?

French players to play 300 games are Nicolas Anelka, Patrick Vieira and Marblonque.

What players have won the premiership and Spanish league title?

It is the French footballer Thierry henry.

Which french players have played more than 300 times in premiership?

They are Theirry Henry , Patrick Vieira .

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How many French footballers play in the English Premier League?

69 players

Name Five french players to play in premiership with four different clubs?

nasri-man city,sagna-arsenal,n'gog-bolton,evra-united and cabaye-newcastle

Most premiership appearances by a french player?

Patrice Evra

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Who was the first french manager to take charge of a club in the premiership?


What french footballer has scored most premiership goals?

The french footballer to score the most E.P.L goals is Theirry Henry.

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