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Before joining Real Madrid in 2001, Zinedine Zidane played for the Italian club Juventus.

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Q: Which Football club did Zinedine Zidane play for before Real Madrid?
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Did Zinedine Zidane ever miss a penalty in his career?

in friendly only against China before WC06. because of slip up

Which football club did Khedira play for before Real Madrid?

VfB Stuttgart

Who is better figo or zidane?

Definitely, Luis was before his retirement. With all do respect to Zidane.

Did zidane play for France?

Zidane played for France before but sadly he has retired now.

Which football club did Angel Di Maria play for before Real Madrid?

He played for Benfica in Portugal.

Does Zinedine Zidane support Marseille?

Yes of course, He said it a lot of times in Canal Plus (the french channel that broadcasts the ligue1), In a TV show, just before the last PSG - OM, he was representing the side of OM fans, along with Jean Pierre Papin

When did France the world cup?

1998, when they defeated Brazil 3-0 in the Final at Stade de France. Zinedine Zidane scored two headed goals off of corner kicks, and Emmanuel Petit added the third goal just before time expired.

Zidane is playing in which team at present?

Zidane retired from professional football after the 2006 FIFA World Cup, but revealed in a June 2008 interview with BBC that he was interested in returning to football, but had no definite plans to do so On 24 February 2007, before a crowd of 10,000 fans at a match in northern Thailand for the Keuydaroon children's AIDS charity, Zidane scored the first goal and set up the second for a Malaysian teammate as the match ended 2-2. The event raised $7,750. On 19 November 2007, Zidane took part in the fifth annual Match Against Poverty in Malaga, Spain, which also ended in a 2-2 draw; Zidane went scoreless, but set up his team's second goal in the 70th minute. He and former Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo, who collaborated in conceiving the yearly event to benefit the United Nations Development Programme, regularly captain their respective teams consisting of active footballers, other professional athletes and celebrities. Zidane, a U.N. goodwill ambassador since 2001, stated before the game that "everyone can do something to make the world a better place."

What club did kaka play for before real Madrid?

kaka played with ac Milan before he played with real Madrid

What was Madrid's name before it became Madrid?

Click on the link below for more information.

What team did Fernando Torres play for before Madrid?

Torres began his career in madrid. He's never played for any club before.

How many goals did zidane score?

Zidane has scored many, many goals with 128 being in Club and 31 in International for a total of 159 goals overall before retiring from professional soccer.

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