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Emmitt Smith

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Q: Which Florida gator holds the all-time record for most rushing touchdowns in a career?
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Which College quarterback most rushing touchdowns in career?

Tim Tebow, Florida 51

Who holds the Florida state school record for career rushing touchdowns at FSU?

Greg Allen

How many rushing touchdowns did Troy Aikman have?

Troy Aikman had 9 rushing touchdowns in his career.

How many rushing touchdowns does Jake Locker have in his career?

97 Rushing TD's

Who is the career leader in touchdowns for the NE patriots?

Tom Brady, with 348 career touchdowns - 334 passing, 14 rushing.

Who has the Most rushing touchdowns in SEC for his career?

Tim Tebow

What college QB has the most rushing touchdowns in a career?

Tim Tebow

How many rushing touchdowns did Walter Payton have in his career?

1 billion

Who scored 123 TouchDowns rushing in their illustrious career?

Marcus Allen