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Gary Lineker is England's top scorer in the FIFA World Cup, with 10 goals.

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Q: Which English player has scored the most goals for England in World Cup tournaments?
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What English player has scored over 100 goals in Premiership but never played for England?

Andy Cole

English cricketeer who scored 197 centuries?

Jack Hobbes of England

How many different nationalities have scored goals in the English premiership?

About 75 different nationalities have scored in the English Premiership. Some players have duel nationalities. The top 5 nations are ENGLAND (of course),FRANCE,SCOTLAND,WALES,HOLLAND A Polish player has only scored once in the EPL !

Which player has scored in all English divisions?

robbie fowler

Which player has scored the most goals for England?

Sir Bobby Charlton .

Who has scored the most runs in English test cricket?

Graham Gooch has scored the most test runs for England with 8,900

Which English player has scored the most goals in the English premier league and has never played for England?

Thierry Henry, with 174 goals The highest ever is Alan Shearer, with 260 =] hope i helped!

Who is the only player to have scored in the top 5 divisions in England?

DJ Campbell

Which non English player scored a hattrick for an English team in the champions league?

thierry Henri

Which Player has scored a hatrick for England?

The only player to score a hat trick for England is Geoff Hurst verses West Germany in 1966.

Name four player who have played in English premiership and have scored goals in worldcup final?

The only player who has scored in the World Cup final and played for a team in the English Premier League is Manuel Petit, he played for Arsenal and scored in the 1998 final.

How many goals has Kloser scored at FIFA world cup tournaments?

Kloser has scored 14 goals in the world cup.

How many goals SA has scored in the world cup tournaments and by who?

3 goals

Which midfield player scored most football goals for England?

It could be David Beckham.

Which England player has scored the most world cup goals?

It is sir Bobby Charlton.

Which player scored the one hundredth goal in the English premier league?


What English player has scored the most world cup goals?

Is it geoff Hurst.

Which English soccer player scored 200 goals in history?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who scored last night for England?

the person who scored for England last was Lescott

Which player scored the first ever goal for England?

The first goal ever scored by England in a FIFA World Cup was in 1950 by Stan Mortensen in the 39th minute against Chile.

What are The University of New England's 25th-75th percentile ACT English Scores?

The University of New England's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT English Scores are 20-26, meaning 25% of students scored 20 or lower on the ACT English Score, and 75% of students scored 26 or lower (i.e. 25% of students scored 26 or higher).

How many goals has nicholas anelka scored for Chelsea?

As of 05.02.2011, he has scored 56 goals in total for Chelsea FC, in all tournaments.

How many goals has England scored up 2010?

There were four goals scored by England.

How many goals has david beckham scored for England?

Bekham has scored a total of 17 goals in 112 appearances while playing for the English national team.

Which player scored a hat trick for England in the 1966 world cup final?

Geoff Hurst