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Manchester United, Liverpool, arsenal, everton would be 4 definites that never played outside the top 2 divisions of English football

going to come back to this question again after i do a more indept research into the question

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Q: Which English football teams have never been outside of the top two divisions?
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Which football team has the most top four finishes in the English premiership?

Man Utd. They've never finished outside the top three in all 18 seasons.

What English football club has never lost in Europe?

Ipswich town fc!

Which English football club has never been relegated?

Wigan & Hull (from the top flight).

What English football team have never been in the top flight?

There are a great number of teams that have never been in the top flight. English football has over 140 leagues from which teams can (in theory) rise all the way to the top level.

What team did not win an SEC title before it split into two divisions?

Vanderbilt has been a member of the SEC since 1933 and never won a SEC conference championship in football.

What were the first rules of Football?

Never use your hands Football being invented in England in 1863 the first Rules were written by the English FA, you can read them online.

Did Johann Sebastian Bach speak English?

To the best of my knowledge no. He never travelled outside Germany and Denmark.

Which 6 teams have never been promoted or relegated in English football in the last 30 years?

ArsenalManchester erunitedChelsea

Which current barclay's premier league club has never been regulated from the top flight of English football?


How many times have FC Barcelona won the Football Association Challenge Cup?

They have never won it becuase they are not an English team.

Who has Never been relegated from any English football division?

As of 2013 season: Wigan Athletic Arsenal were relegated in 1913

What English football teams have never been relegated?

The only E.P.L team never ever to be relegated is Arsenal. WRONG. Arsenal were relegated in 1913 then promoted back to the top flight in 1919 no woolwich arsenal were relegated in 1913 then during the ww1 football was suspened officially until war was over in which time they changed to arsenal f.c and came back into top flight English football 1919-1920 season and since then have never been relegated from top flight football.

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