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The Liverpool club in England has the most champion league trophies a total of five of them.

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Q: Which English football team has the most champion league trophies?
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Which is the richest trophies in English football?

the richest are probably the premier league and the FA cup.

What are the names of all the English league football teams?

The English football clubs taking part in the champion league are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpooland Manchester United.

What english football clubs will play in the champion league?

For the upcoming 2012-2013 season Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea will play in the Champion's League.

Which club is second in most league trophies won?

Arsenal Football Club has the second most number of league trophies.

Who is the best football team in the premier leauge?

Liverpool Football Club is the best football club in the English Premier League because they have won the league 18 times and have also won many other trophies.

What football club has won the most league trophies in Italy?

It is A.C.Milan.

Who won the most the champions league title from England?

Liverpool have won the most champion league titles with 5 trophies.

How many champion league trophies have Liverpool FC won?

liverpool fc have won the champions league 5 ( five ) times.

Which football club has won the most premier league trophies?

Manchester United

Who was the first champion of the United States Football League?

The United States Football League existed between 1983-1985. The 1983 champion was the Michigan Panthers, the 1984 champion was the Philadelphia Stars, and the 1985 champion was the Baltimore Stars.

Which football club won the last champion league?

Inter Milan won the Champion league as they beat Bayern Munich.

Which English football league is Dover in?

The English football league that Dover is in is the Dover Athletic.

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